Shimano Ultegra Di2 Disc: The Best Road Group Ever?

No hyperbole—The Shimano R785 hydraulic disc braking system and Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting will change the way you ride By matt phillips August 1, 2014 It’s the brakes that you’ll notice first. I’ve used Shimano’s R785 hydraulic braking system, with Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic shifting, to attack a four-mile switchback section of the descent of […]

Fuji Altamira 2.5 Review

Fuji Altamira 2.5 Well-appointed machine flexes its Tour pedigree BikeRadar Review The Fuji Altamira 2.5 has a raceworthy frameset that’s dressed for success The top spec Altamira was ridden in last year’s Tour de France. Although our Fuji Altamira 2.5 model is made of more cost-effective stuff, that racy DNA is very apparent. The carbon frameset […]

Cérvelo R5 Di2 Review

Cérvelo R5 Di2 Fast, lightweight race rig from Canada BikeRadar score4.5/5 “The Cérvelo R5 Di2 is one of the finest racing bikes we’ve ever tested.” BikeRadar verdict The Cérvelo R5 Di2 is a very rare beast – a true superbike that you can live with and ride all day, every day Canada’s Cérvelo has always […]

Huge crash in Tour De France

The Tour de France only began on Saturday, but it is already over for some riders after a huge crash on Monday. Midway through Stage 3, around 20 riders went down after William Bonnet crashed near the front of the peloton. Cycling Weekly reported that “several riders were forced to abandon the race” due to […]

Specialized S-Works Venge ViAS Review

New Specialized S-Works Venge ViAS sets high bar for aero road Tested to be a full minute faster than the previous Venge, the 2016 Specialized Venge features dramatic aero features such as a truncated head tube, an integrated low-riding stem, an elongated front brake mounted behind the fork and a rear brake tucked midway up […]

Trek Emonda SL6

Robert Smith The legendary Madone gets another anagram BikeRadar Reviews the Trek Emonda SL6 and scores it 4.5/5 stars Trek’s rivals in the big three bike brands both launched aero-road machines in the form of Giant’s Propel and the Venge from Specialized. Trek followed suit in the last revision of the Madone with it morphing […]

Focus Cayo 4.0 Disc

Race-like geometry meets discs and thru-axles in comfortable chassis The Focus Cayo 4.0 Disc puts hydraulic discs on a carbon frame with a racy front end for a good price BikeRadar Review of the Focus Cayo 4.0 Disc High value, fairly unique in race-like front-end geometry for disc bike, but with flared handlebars and stiff […]

Common Bike Repairs

Common Bike Repairs and 4 solutions to help avoid a big fix. STUCK SEATPOST If You’re Lucky: Remove the seatpost binder bolt or seat collar, drench the seatpost and seat tube with a penetrating lube such as WD-40 (or even automatic transmission fluid). Soak it overnight and slide the post out in the morning. What […]

Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2 Review

Latest iteration of one of our favorite aero bikes BikeRadar score5/5 Make no mistake, ever since we tried the original Di2 equipped Propel we’ve been smitten with its unique charms. Not only is the Giant Propel Advanced Pro 2 one of the slipperiest of aero bikes, it doesn’t forget that one magical component that marks […]

Recreational Road Bikes to Consider

Giant Defy 2 MSRP : $1075.00 Review Riding the Defy 2, our testers forgot they were straddling such an affordable bike. The aluminum frame was stiff and efficient, and not overly ­jarring on rough roads. The parts are well suited to any kind of road ride—the Shimano Tiagra 10-speed drivetrain is reliable and many of […]

How To Adjust Mechanical Rear Derailleurs

How To Adjust Mechanical Rear Derailleurs Do you always like to handle repair work on your own? Well, it always feels great to have enough knowledge to fix certain issues in your bike, but you should also look for instructions and tips when you’re dealing with an issue as serious as adjusting a mechanical rear […]

Why Fixed-Gear Bikes are Oh-So Hot Right Now

Top 7 Reasons Why Fixed-Gear Bikes are Oh-So Hot Right Now It’s no news that fixed-gear bikes (or ‘fixies’) are trendy in cool-hipster biking. Wallpaper magazine is writing about them, Urban Outfitters is selling them, and some even go far to say that the trend is now over (always a sign that something has gone […]

Trek Domane 5.2 Review

Trek Domane 5.2 Review Reviewers at sum up the Trek Domane 5.2 for 2015 as “Rapid, silk-smooth and Isospeed-augmented thoroughbred” Ever since its introduction, we’ve found Trek’s unique Domane to be one of the best-ever rides for bad surfaces. That’s all thanks to the ‘Isospeed’ decoupler, which is essentially a rotational pivot that attaches, […]

Cannondale Supersix Sagan LE Review

Will the Tourminator’s Supersix turn you green with envy? BikeRadar score 5/5 Cannondale Supersix Sagan LE Review of the Cannondale Supersix Sagan LE by BikeRadar’s The Cannondale Supersix Sagan LE phenomenal performance is a fitting match for the Tourminator Over the years, many young riders have burst onto the pro scene with exciting race performances […]

Boardman SLS 9.0 Road Bike Review

Boardman’s superb SLS 9.0 road bike ridden, reviewed and rated Boardman has had the performance spectrum covered with its AiR aero bike and SLR race bike for a while, but the totally new SLS moves the company into the more forgiving high-mileage sector. Don’t think that means performance has been played down, though. Boardman SLS […]

5 Road Bike Tires We Love

By bicycling magazine test staff (Photo by Kent Pell) From sturdy flat-fighters to superfast flyers, here are some of our favorite road bike tires for road and multisport. Specialized S-Works Turbo 26mm Fast race tire in an unusual width This minimalist tire is light and lively and offers great feedback—giving the rider plenty of time […]

Cannondale Synapse Carbon 5 Review

Cannondale Synapse Carbon 5 One of 2014’s most important bikes BikeRadar states “Rarely have we seen a bike that blends such rapid performance with class leading comfort.” BikeRadar score 5/5 We tested the hi-mod; high price Synapse Black Inc. at the end of 2013. The range-topping model blew us away with its intoxicating mix of […]

Wilier Cento1 Air

Wilier Cento1 Air/Shimano Dura-Ace – Ultegra 11 Complete Road Bike – 2014 The age of the aero road bike is upon us, which makes Wilier’s timing perfect in introducing the Wilier Cento1 Air Dura-Ace – Ultegra 11 Complete Road Bike. As the next evolution of the Cento1 SR, you already know that this is a […]

DIY Wheel Maintenance

Keep your wheels spinning smoothly and quickly with this simple routine wheel maintenance tips. By Kip Mikler Look for Trueness With your bike in a work-stand, spin each wheel. Watch the gaps between the brake pads and rim. If the space on either side grows or shrinks by more than 2mm, your wheel is out […]

LOOK 675 Light Review

Sophisticated French offering in the vanguard of high-performance endurance bikes Timothy John The LOOK 675 Light is fast and responsive, but with a sophisticated carbon construction and upright geometry that means its speed is not derived at the expense of comfort. This impressive balancing act places the 675 Light in the vanguard of a rapidly-emerging […]

Best Road Bike Pedals

What to look for when buying road bike pedals Axle The axle has to be strong and stiff to ensure safety and efficiency. At 9/16in with 20 threads per inch to fit into a standard crank, it also supports the bearings that carry the pedal body. Seals Bearings don’t last long if water and road […]

Scott Speedster S30 Review

Scott Speedster S30 – Premium speed at a bargain price Rarely do I leave for a first ride on a test bike without analyzing its build. But on one bracing winter day I hopped onto the Scott Speedster 30 without inspecting it and started pedaling. I was immediately impressed by how similar it felt to […]

10 incredible facts about the Tour de France

Tour de France facts and stats The Tour de France is incredible. It’s gripping, riveting and has the potential to take over your entire life. Over its long history the Tour has been littered with heated rivalries, has been shocked by outrageous scandals and has witnessed some truly bizarre tactics from victory-hungry riders. Here we […]

Cervelo S2 Review

Bicycling Magazine Editorial Review of the Cevelo S2 The best way to cheat the wind? Provide a smooth route for flowing air. That’s the design objective behind the updated S2, Cervelo’s modestly priced aero road bike (the frame alone on the higher-end S5 costs $3,800). The seat tube has a subtle cutaway that curves around […]

Specialized Venge and Tarmac for 2014

by Timothy John Elite World Tour cyclists’ can now choose from the 2014 range of Tarmac and Venge new line of models, MY2014, S-Works and their SL4 construction. A complete range will be available within UK in November only after the official launch in August. Tarmac S-Works with its intricately specialized design and a mechanical […]

Cycling performance tips: 5 secrets to cycling success

Improve your cycling with these cycling performance tips. We’ll tell you what Chris Hoy drinks to refuel and give you advice about the bonk, sportives and how to improve your cycling cadence. 5 secrets to cycling success Overcome the bonk The bonk may sound rude and can make a grown man splutter and giggle like […]

FSA K-Force Light Crankset Review

By Caley Fretz FSA’s new K-Force Light is looking to take on top-shelf options from Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo. Photo: Caley Fretz | The carbon arms are good looking, and when paired with the wide, CNC machined aluminum chainrings, the overall package is exceptionally stiff. That stiffness is key to good shifting, as well […]

Fuji Track Bike

As the name suggests, the Fuji Track bike is at home on the track. It’s the backbone of many a velodrome’s hire fleet and it has a great reputation as a more than capable workhorse for the budding trackie. How does all that velodrome cred translate to the streets? Not badly at all. It looks […]

3 Ways to Cycle FASTER!

Done your winter training and long bike rides but still feel as though you’re cycling all your rides at ‘one pace’ and getting no faster? If you’ve worked on your endurance for many months, then no doubt your body gets comfortable riding at one long steady pace hour after hour. Even if you’ve done a […]

Cannondale SuperSix Evo 5 105 Review

Review by BikeRadar The Cannondale SuperSix Evo 5 105 is “A true thoroughbred and proven race machine at a great price” The original hi-mod SuperSix Evo was, hands down, our favorite super bike of recent years. It was an intoxicating blend of light weight, quick handling and stability, backed up with a remarkably smooth ride […]


Three years ago Zipp introduced its first carbon clincher, and with it came a whole new rim-shaping design called Firecrest; these two additions would go on to revolutionize the Indianapolis-based company’s entire line of wheels. For 2013, Zipp has now completed the Firecrest overhaul of their four depth choices—from 808, 404, 303 and now the […]

Litespeed Siena Titanium – A Titanium Dream

At the end of last year two riders from the DFL Professional cycling team, David Harrigan and Alex Coutts, were in Spain for early training and we got a chance to have a good look at one of their team bikes, the Litespeed Siena Titanium. The day we had a look at the Litespeed it […]

Tips For Riding Downhill

While many people love the thrill of biking fast downhill, I am not one of them. I love biking uphill. Call me crazy, but I crave the burn in my lungs and legs. But once you’ve climbed a hill — and in my neck of the woods, hills can be miles long — you have […]

Tips For Buying Road Bike Frames

Tips For Buying Road Bike Frames How much do you want to spend? That’s the biggest question in your choice of road bike frame.  The more you pay, the better the bike frame you get, there are many frame builders in the world and all have there own ideas of what is right, the best […]


Orbea’s new endurance road bike, the Avant, was unveiled at Bike PressCamp. Spanish bike manufacturer, Orbea, unveiled an all-new endurance road platform at Bike PressCamp called the Avant. With a taller headtube and a more upright riding position, the Avant is ideal for customers who want a bit of extra comfort over longer distances than […]


Road Bike Action Magazine We bring you two bikes that represent the pinnacle of the latest bicycle technology— both won stages in this year’s Tour de France, and both come with surreal price tags. In one corner, little introduction is needed for the Pinarello Dogma, one of the winningest bikes in the pro peloton, which […]


The 2012 season was a big one for Trek when they unveiled a completely redesigned Madone mere months after debuting the race-winning Domane with its impressively effective IsoSpeed decoupler rear-suspension design. Earlier this year Trek called and spoke of an updated Madone in the works and asked if we’d be interested in ordering a new […]

How to Choose a Road Bike: Tips & Advice

How to choose a Road Bike Road bikes are made for racing and speed, if you want an adrenaline rush, like leaning into turns and testing your aerobic capacity, a road bike could be the bike for you; learn more about road bik…

Trek Madone 3.5 review

The Trek Madone 3.5 surprised and impressed us in equal measure. The frameset is quite brilliant and the fact that it’s completed with such good quality components makes the 3.5 a highly tempting proposition. •Highs: Incredibly smooth ride, impressive spec, and handling that’s the ideal blend of stability and sharpness •Lows: We’ve found the 3.5 […]

Focus Izalco Pro 3.0 review

Road Bikes Cycling Plus’s Bike of the Year 2012, the Focus Izalco, has been around for a couple of seasons and has seen action at the highest levels of road racing, with the top-end Team model being ridden by Katusha and now Acqua & Sapone. Impressively, the Pro shares the same frame, with a weight […]

Orbea Orca Review

By James Huang Orbea Orca   Boasting stunning good looks, solid tubing and a recent gold medal, Orbea’s redesign has shed enough weight from last year’s Orca to bring the new iteration squarely into the ultra-light category. Now the total package of stiffness, weight and ride quality, only tech-head diehards or those frustrated by the […]

How to True a Bike Wheel

In order to true a bike wheel, a wheel truing tool is needed in order to make sensitive adjustments. Find out how a wheel can become less round if excessive adjustments are made with help from a former BMX and collegiate racer in this free video on bicycle repair. How to True a Bike Wheel […]

The Best Road Bike for Two Grand

Of course, not many people can spend two grand on a bike. Still, it’s important to understand that though it’s a lot of money, it doesn’t mean you will always get a good machine for it. You can find a variety of brands offering a range of road bikes at this price, but you have […]

Specialized Tarmac Sport Review

The new-for-2013 Tarmac Sport boasts a great frame and spec, and a massive £500/US$1,000 saving over the Tarmac Elite from Bike of The Year 2012. Frame & equipment: Well balanced and great value for money Last year, the basic Tarmac cost £100 more than this model and came with a lesser groupset. More importantly, the […]

Cannondale CAAD10 4 Rival review

Cannondale’s CAAD9 aluminum chassis was a privateer road racer’s secret weapon, offering very good frame stiffness and weight at a relatively bargain-basement price. The new CAAD10 is even more so, being substantially lighter than before and with a more refined ride quality. Our CAAD10 4 Rival tester has proven to be especially good value and […]

2014 Felt AR Road Bike Review

With four stage wins in the 2013 Tour de France, Felt road bikes have had their share of good press. Not willing to rest on these accomplishments, Felt Bicycles went back to the drawing board to improve upon the 2013 models. At the 2014 Felt product launch Jim Felt, the man who is the driving […]